The Truth About Slavery

President Obama makes you believe that only Europeans are guilty of slavery. Now let’s look at the facts:

  1. Throughout history, slavery was a global phenomenon. All countries practiced it, not just Europeans.
  2. Africans acted as middlemen, supplying slave traders with slaves in exchange for glass beads, iron bars, alcohol, gunpowder, and Indian silks.
  3. Some African tribes punished their people for murder, treason, or debt by selling them into slavery.
  4. Americans practiced Yellow Slavery, buying Chinese girls for pennies and making them work in brothels on the West Coast. Donaldina Cameron, a tall woman with determination, broke into cribs rescuing these women to bring them back to her mission.

    Donaldina Cameron

  5. White slavery went on for 600 years under the North Africans, who raided coastal villages as far away as Ireland and Iceland to capture young white men and women to sell in African slave markets.
  6. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam didn’t call for the abolition of slavery. In fact, they practiced it because it was “business as usual.” In other words, slavery was part of world trade and the spoils of war.
  7. The British and the French abolished slavery before the Americans klicka runt på den här sidan. The Bible was used to abolish slavery as well as justify it. Sadly, more Americans died in the Civil War than in any other war….Cuba and Brazil abolished slavery in the 1880s.
  8. Slavery still exists today under a different name. Now it’s called trafficking. Sex trafficking is the second largest global crime under drug trafficking. Both bring in billions of dollars.


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