The Middle Ages

In western culture, the Middle Ages is the time after the decline of Rome and before the Renaissance. The knights we see in Hollywood movies don’t represent the conflicting views of this historical age. It was a time when society tortured people and burned them at the stake, but it was also a time of great art and architecture.

Image result for Notre Dame cathedral

Notre Dame, Paris, 1163 AD

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was built during this time. This was still during the Roman Empire. The reason building came to a halt was man forgot how to manufacture concrete.

The Duomo in Florence didn’t have its dome completed for decades until Brunelleschi and one of the Medicis visited Rome to study classical architecture. After they “rediscovered” concrete, the dome was completed.

The Medieval townspeople watching the Duomo being finished was a form of entertainment. Unfortunately, so were public executions. This is the strangeness of the Middle Ages: a time of Giotto, Dante, and Da Vinci, but also a time of backwardness based in Old Testament law.

Duomo, Florence, 1294

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