Legalized Marijuana

An article entitled “Going to Pot” in the June 2016 edition of Family Circle stated that legalized marijuana is basically harmless. Author Scott Alexander leaves no question that he is pro-pot, stating that marijuana is legal in the most liberal states in America.

Alexander writes, “In the first year after legalization, overall property crime in Denver dropped by 8.9% and state traffic fatalities went down by 3% (continuing a decade-long downward trend).”

Uh-huh. How stupid does he think we are?

In high school my sister started with marijuana and went on to experiment with other drugs. As a result, she suffered partial memory loss. Surely everyone knows of a family devastated by drugs or alcohol. Later, as my sister reformed, she became a drug-and-alcohol counselor for a non-profit that serves Cook County Jail in Chicago, trying to help inmates escape drugs and alcohol.

Years ago, a prison evangelist told me that many crimes are committed for drugs or while a person is on drugs. The jails in Illinois are so crowded, politicians can’t house all the inmates. They want “low-level” drug offenders out on the streets to house the more “violent” offenders. Problem: a lot of those violent offenders are on drugs.

Social Ramifications

Where is all this leading?

My physician said the social ramifications for legalized drugs is already impacting our society. To be sure, he’s all for medical marijuana. It helps patients with severe pain who can’t eat. Unfortunately, drug companies can’t manufacture a pill that has the same painkilling effects as smoking marijuana.

The downside of this? My physician and my sister both agree: Many people self-medicate with marijuana and other drugs when they should be on antidepressants or in therapy. This creates a psychological dependency. In other words, the root of the problem is never dealt with.

We can only wait and see where all this leads. Only time will tell.

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