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Balloon Dog

Jeff Koons is a great source of inspiration to me. He said his older sister did everything better than him; then he found something he was finally good at: art.

Art gave Koons a sense of self. He was trained at the Chicago Art Institute. His art is expensive to make and to buy. One of his balloon sculptures sold for $26 million dollars in London. His Balloon Dog is very popular; his Silver Bunny is an icon.

Like Andy Warhol, Koons is a celebrity artist. I admire his uplifting statements.

Koons said, “What people want to do the most in life is what they avoid the most. The job of an artist is to make a gesture and really show people their potential; then people will live to their full potential. It’s not the object or the image that’s important. Art happens inside the viewer; that’s where the value is.”

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Michael Jackson and pet

How true! Art isn’t about the sculpture, the painting, the movie or the book. It’s how art impacts you and has the power to change your life.



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