How God Taught Me About Grace

I was a Christian for 26 years before I understood the concept of grace. Most preachers seem to dance around the subject, or they throw the word “grace” out there, but they don’t really explain it.

In 2010, I sat in my living room reading my Civil War manuscript. To start, my manuscript was a mess, which really discouraged me. I said to God, Why would you give me this book if it’s a mess? For years my mind saw a doctor and a nurse working together over an operating table. I knew they were romantically involved, even sexually, but I didn’t know the what, when, or how. I knew why the manuscript had been rejected: it was horrible! Then God spoke three little words to me: “I’ll help you.”

In January 2011, God taught me about grace. By Easter, my Civil War manuscript had changed dramatically. It required the most restructuring of all my books, including major rewrites.

By 2013, Blood, Innocence And Glory was completed, but I couldn’t find an agent. (I’ve already had 2 agents.) So I decided to publish the book myself. My Civil War book is a far cry from where it was, and I owe it all to God’s grace. Without God’s help, it would still be a mess.

So what is grace? First, let me tell you what grace is not. Grace is not…

  • Prayer and fasting
  • Quoting the Word a hundred times about prosperity, faith, or whatever else you might need
  • Making big donations every time a preacher asks (or begs) for money
  • Attending church whenever the doors open

Grace is simply trusting God to do what you can’t do. Grace is a manifestation of God’s great love for us. It’s knowing God wants us to succeed and live a good life; that we can trust God with all our needs. So I ceased from my own “good works,” and I learned to trust God. I mean, really, really trust Him. As I did, all my manuscripts changed dramatically, and I began to rest. And I owe this all to God!

If you have any grace testimonies, tell me what God has taught you. Post your answers in the comment area to the left. The person with the most touching testimony will receive one free copy of my book Blood, Innocence and Glory, a work of grace. The book sells for $15.26 on amazon, and I couldn’t have finished it without God’s grace.

This contest ends on December 1, 2014, so start posting and let’s have fun.



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