Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Carson also impressed me during the Republican National Debate. After the debate, the press interviewed him, and he discussed the appalling national debt. What he said should scare every American.

The American dollar is the world’s reserve currency. That means other countries must buy dollars in order to buy commodities. If the dollar stops being the world’s reserve currency, the US can’t print money to cover our debt. Dr. Carson warned that the USA could follow Greece into bankruptcy if we don’t take actions to bring down our debt.

The USA owes $21 trillion in debt! This is disgraceful. For now, many people aren’t paying attention, except for the Tea Party, and they got demonized for this, but it’s no laughing matter.

Could the USA ever face a revolution?

Of course. Economic instability was behind the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution.

The 2016 election is crucial to our nation’s future. No one believes a revolution could occur, but in the 1860s, the American Civil War began, even though people had warned about it for at least 10 years. Everyone thought the war would end quickly, but they were wrong. It was America’s bloodiest war.

Thank you Dr. Carson for speaking the truth.

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