Disturbing Facts and Statistics

My post “Incest and Polygamy in Ancient to Modern Times” gets a lot of hits. People are always fascinated by subjects we don’t like to talk about.

Julianna and Nils

When I researched Julianna’s Secret many years ago, I found some rather disturbing statistics. I will present them to you.


  • One out of four women are sexually abused before the age of 18. Recently President Bill Clinton said this is a serious problem.
  • Freud didn’t believe that so many fathers abused their daughters. Why? Because the reports were too numerous! Politicians and scientists put pressure on Freud to downplay his findings because it was embarrassing. Freud eventually said women were “dreaming.”
  • Freud had incestuous thoughts about his own daughter…. Some people say this is perfectly “normal.”
  • In 1978, David Finkelhor surveyed 2,000 college women and concluded that one million women have incestuous relationships with their fathers. Sixteen thousand cases occur each year. These were conservative estimates.
  • Men’s porn magazines aggressively argue that incest is “harmless.”…Well, it isn’t, Incest makes women feel dirty, angry and untrusting. It produces low self-esteem. A daughter wants to be loved and protected by her father, not treated like a slut.
  • Fathers are incredibly jealous and possessive.
  • Bottom line: Incest is a form of control by a father to keep a daughter to himself, away from friends and potential “rivals”. It’s more about power than sex.


If these statistics shock you, they should. Here’s my source: Herman, Judith Lewis. Father-Daughter Incest. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1981. Print.


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