Confederate Monuments

Image result for Confederate monumentsSome people in the USA have become unhinged. They want to remove Confederate monuments from public squares and colleges because they are symbols of “oppression and slavery,” as well as remove sculptures of Washington and Jefferson because they were slaveholders.

If you follow this “logic,” then we should demolish the Egyptian pyramids because they were built with the help of slave labor. We should also level the White House because it was built by slaves.

Or perhaps we should remove anything that offends us. Perhaps we should level Auschwitz in Poland and Dachau in Germany, concentrations camps of the Third Reich, symbols of Nazi oppression and slave labor.

Did you know that slavery still exists? Sex trafficking is the number two crime under drug trafficking, raking in billions of dollars each year.  

Unfortunately, not all history is pleasant. Slavery is one of the evils of mankind, practiced by all races.

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