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Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Carson also impressed me during the Republican National Debate. After the debate, the press interviewed him, and he discussed the appalling national debt. What he said should scare every American.

The American dollar is the world’s reserve currency. That means other countries must buy dollars in order to buy commodities. If the dollar stops being the world’s reserve currency, the US can’t print money to cover our debt. Dr. Carson warned that the USA could follow Greece into bankruptcy if we don’t take actions to bring down our debt.

The USA owes $21 trillion in debt! This is disgraceful. For now, many people aren’t paying attention, except for the Tea Party, and they got demonized for this, but it’s no laughing matter.

Could the USA ever face a revolution?

Of course. Economic instability was behind the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution.

The 2016 election is crucial to our nation’s future. No one believes a revolution could occur, but in the 1860s, the American Civil War began, even though people had warned about it for at least 10 years. Everyone thought the war would end quickly, but they were wrong. It was America’s bloodiest war.

Thank you Dr. Carson for speaking the truth.

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Historic Edwards House of Downers Grove

Why does history fascinate us?

To many people, history is boring. Well, if history is boring, people have failed to make history come alive. There are certain historical landmarks that make a town a home. In my hometown of Downers Grove, Illinois, there is the Tivoli Theater and the Edwards House. One remains; the other is gone. If we aren’t proactive, more historical buildings will be torn down.

Is history truly exciting?

Look at the highest grossing, most memorable films:  Gone With the Wind and Titanic. Look at The Phantom of the Opera. The musical made Andrew Lloyd Weber a billionaire.

So why is man fascinated by the pyramids? Hagia Sophia? The Coliseum? Machu Picchu? The list goes on and on. You can add your own places to the list.Julie_SW_9

Unfortunately, the historic Edwards House in Downers Grove, Illinois was shamelessly torn down last weekend without any respect for historical preservation. Houses of less respect have been moved to new locations. Our first house in Downers was torn down to make way for McMansions, but it was only a 1923 cottage. It didn’t have the stained-glass, plaster medallions, cornices, woodwork, and majesty of the Edwards House. The Edwards House will be replaced by boring condominiums that pop up like row houses in our town. Years from now, no one will look back and say, Why didn’t they build more condos? (yawn).

The Edwards House has special meaning to different people. It was an architectural wonder. A home for the families who lived there. A landmark to others who drove past it every day. A place where people worked. I used the Edwards House in my coming-of-age novel Julianna’s Secret. I refer to it as “the dark, turreted mansion.” As Julianna changes, the house changes. Truly, Julianna and the mansion are one.

So the historic Edwards House was demolished last week. Like the barbaric Goths who sacked Rome, the developer stripped the Edwards House of her stained glass, her pocket doors; even her ordinary doors. These barbarians have no respect for history or for architecture. Like the bungalows of the 1950s, more condominiums will dot our town, making everyone yawn with boredom. Nevertheless, the historic Edwards House will forever live in the hearts of people who respect and admire history and architecture. It was a landmark in Downers Grove that never should have been torn down. The Edwards House lives on!

You don’t believe me?

Edwards House forever!

Edwards House forever!

Remember, people the world over are still fascinated by the Titanic, the American Civil War, and the pyramids. To the people of Downers Grove, the Edwards House has its own special place in our hearts and in history.


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Incest and Polygamy in Ancient to Modern Times

People in the West frown upon incest and polygamy, but this was common and acceptable behavior in ancient times. In fact, most polygamous cultures also practiced incest.

Abraham in the Bible, known as the Father of Faith, married his sister. This is disgusting to us, but in his day, it was considered normal. John the Baptist was beheaded for condemning Herod for marrying his brother’s wife, something Henry VIII would use to get out of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. In ancient times, it was normal for brothers and sisters to marry, aunt and nephews to marry, and uncles and nieces to marry. The Pharaohs married their sisters because only “gods” could marry “goddesses.” Reuben was chastised by Jacob for sleeping with one of his wives, but affairs in large polygamous families are common, as testified to by modern-day fundamentalist Mormons.

The Jews shocked the world with their laws against incest and polygamy. When Moses preached against this, he must have been mocked because he came from an incestuous union: an aunt had married her nephew.

Later, Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints, brought polygamy back into fashion. He not only married single women, but he wed married women to “seal” them for eternity. After Smith was murdered, the Mormon Church split between the polygamists and the non-polygamists, but fundamentalists Mormons still practice polygamy.

Navoo, Illinois, a Mormon settlement

Navoo, Illinois, a Mormon settlement

Now gay marriage is making its way to the United States Supreme Court. As a result, I believe polygamists will also want their “rights” because marriage is being redefined in Western culture. I also believe child predators will want their “rights” too.

You don’t believe me?

When my friend took an international law class, a European woman in her class stated, “What’s wrong with a relationship between a child and an adult as long as it’s consensual?”

This sick logic seemed perfectly normal to her. To show you how far Western beliefs are being challenged, a talk radio show reported that British scientists have concluded that it’s “normal for a man to desire his daughter or to desire a young girl.” To this, a convicted child predator sighed with relief, believing himself to be “normal.”

Do you see where this is heading? Are we trying to justify sick behavior?

Finally, some Muslim men have up to four wives. Years ago a Greek construction worker told me his country was going to pot because “Muslim men have so many children, their children are destroying  the neighborhood.” (Those were his words, not mine.) He said the American Media doesn’t report this because it’s politically incorrect.

Is the Western world changing?

Yes. It’s reverting back to paganism.


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The Old Slave House

Years ago when I was at the hairdresser’s, I read a magazine article about an old slave house in southern Illinois. The house, called Hickory Hill, is supposedly haunted. The article described the house and the purpose of the house. It also said nobody would spend the night in the third floor attic because of the paranormal activity.

Interior of a slave cabin

Interior of a slave cabin

Years later I met a man who said the Old Slave House was fascinating; that I should definitely visit there. The last owner’s wife disliked the house and never felt comfortable living there.

With good reason, there are slave shackles, a whipping post, and other remnants of slavery. Unfortunately, the house is closed to visitors because the state of Illinois owns it, and the state is in financial ruins. My best friend, who is black, scoffed, “Illinois is in a financial mess, and they go buy something like that.” However, the fact remains, the Old Slave House is part of Illinois history, and the people who suffered there should be remembered.

John Crenshaw owned Hickory Hill and used his slaves to mine salt on his property. Instead of housing the slaves in cabins, he incarcerated them on the third floor of his mansion, which resembles a jail. Not only did Crenshaw use his slaves to mine salt, but he impregnated the females with a stud slave so they would be worth more money. When I visited the Laura Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana, this was common practice. The mistress of the plantation ordered impregnated female slaves. To make matters worse, Crenshaw also kidnapped free blacks and sold them into slavery.

There is justice to this story, however. When a slave saw Crenshaw beating another slave, he took an ax and struck Crenshaw’s leg.

Since the Old Slave House is closed to the public, you can still view it on YouTube. A young man filmed the inside as well as the grounds. It’s a bit preachy, but it’s worth viewing if you’re interested in American slavery and Illinois history.

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