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Confederate Monuments

Image result for Confederate monumentsSome people in the USA have become unhinged. They want to remove Confederate monuments from public squares and colleges because they are symbols of “oppression and slavery,” as well as remove sculptures of Washington and Jefferson because they were slaveholders.

If you follow this “logic,” then we should demolish the Egyptian pyramids because they were built with the help of slave labor. We should also level the White House because it was built by slaves.

Or perhaps we should remove anything that offends us. Perhaps we should level Auschwitz in Poland and Dachau in Germany, concentrations camps of the Third Reich, symbols of Nazi oppression and slave labor.

Did you know that slavery still exists? Sex trafficking is the number two crime under drug trafficking, raking in billions of dollars each year.  

Unfortunately, not all history is pleasant. Slavery is one of the evils of mankind, practiced by all races.

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Legalized Marijuana

An article entitled “Going to Pot” in the June 2016 edition of Family Circle stated that legalized marijuana is basically harmless. Author Scott Alexander leaves no question that he is pro-pot, stating that marijuana is legal in the most liberal states in America.

Alexander writes, “In the first year after legalization, overall property crime in Denver dropped by 8.9% and state traffic fatalities went down by 3% (continuing a decade-long downward trend).”

Uh-huh. How stupid does he think we are?

In high school my sister started with marijuana and went on to experiment with other drugs. As a result, she suffered partial memory loss. Surely everyone knows of a family devastated by drugs or alcohol. Later, as my sister reformed, she became a drug-and-alcohol counselor for a non-profit that serves Cook County Jail in Chicago, trying to help inmates escape drugs and alcohol.

Years ago, a prison evangelist told me that many crimes are committed for drugs or while a person is on drugs. The jails in Illinois are so crowded, politicians can’t house all the inmates. They want “low-level” drug offenders out on the streets to house the more “violent” offenders. Problem: a lot of those violent offenders are on drugs.

Social Ramifications

Where is all this leading?

My physician said the social ramifications for legalized drugs is already impacting our society. To be sure, he’s all for medical marijuana. It helps patients with severe pain who can’t eat. Unfortunately, drug companies can’t manufacture a pill that has the same painkilling effects as smoking marijuana.

The downside of this? My physician and my sister both agree: Many people self-medicate with marijuana and other drugs when they should be on antidepressants or in therapy. This creates a psychological dependency. In other words, the root of the problem is never dealt with.

We can only wait and see where all this leads. Only time will tell.

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The American Civil Rights Movement

I grew up in Chicago Lawn. Marquette Park was one block away from where I lived. That’s where Martin Luther King Jr. marched in 1966. My best friend’s mother marched along with King. In order to become first class citizens, King and his followers were pelted with bottles and rocks.

Have you ever been pelted by a rock?…I have. It hurts!

When my mother rode a bus in New Orleans during the 1950s, she offered a black woman a seat beside her because the bus was full. The white woman in front of my mom turned around and gave her a look to kill. The black woman sat in the back of the bus. Then Rosa Park came along and refused to sit in the back of the bus. She sat in the front because no other seats were left; and so began the American Civil Rights Movement.

We’ve come a long way since the 1950s and 1960s. America has a black President. Some say he’s a black Muslim. Maybe they’re right. Who knows? I heard a news commentator say America wasn’t ready for a black President. I disagree! The people who oppose Obama don’t dislike him. They dislike his policies.

Anyway, I’m glad America has moved beyond the American Civil Rights Movement. Do we need more work to go?…Of course! But we’ve come a long way.


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Dr. R.D. Henton, Chicago pastor, dies at 82

CHICAGO (WLS) — A Chicago pastor and founder of R.D. Henton Breakthrough Ministries has died.According to his website, Dr. R.D. Henton was called into the ministry in 1948.Nearly 5,000 people are members of this South Side church. Henton was a Chicago native and the father of four children.There’s been no word on the cause of death. He was 82.

Source: Dr. R.D. Henton, Chicago pastor, dies at 82 |

Pastor Henton was a wonderful preacher! I listened to him for years.


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Historic Edwards House of Downers Grove

Why does history fascinate us?

To many people, history is boring. Well, if history is boring, people have failed to make history come alive. There are certain historical landmarks that make a town a home. In my hometown of Downers Grove, Illinois, there is the Tivoli Theater and the Edwards House. One remains; the other is gone. If we aren’t proactive, more historical buildings will be torn down.

Is history truly exciting?

Look at the highest grossing, most memorable films:  Gone With the Wind and Titanic. Look at The Phantom of the Opera. The musical made Andrew Lloyd Weber a billionaire.

So why is man fascinated by the pyramids? Hagia Sophia? The Coliseum? Machu Picchu? The list goes on and on. You can add your own places to the list.Julie_SW_9

Unfortunately, the historic Edwards House in Downers Grove, Illinois was shamelessly torn down last weekend without any respect for historical preservation. Houses of less respect have been moved to new locations. Our first house in Downers was torn down to make way for McMansions, but it was only a 1923 cottage. It didn’t have the stained-glass, plaster medallions, cornices, woodwork, and majesty of the Edwards House. The Edwards House will be replaced by boring condominiums that pop up like row houses in our town. Years from now, no one will look back and say, Why didn’t they build more condos? (yawn).

The Edwards House has special meaning to different people. It was an architectural wonder. A home for the families who lived there. A landmark to others who drove past it every day. A place where people worked. I used the Edwards House in my coming-of-age novel Julianna’s Secret. I refer to it as “the dark, turreted mansion.” As Julianna changes, the house changes. Truly, Julianna and the mansion are one.

So the historic Edwards House was demolished last week. Like the barbaric Goths who sacked Rome, the developer stripped the Edwards House of her stained glass, her pocket doors; even her ordinary doors. These barbarians have no respect for history or for architecture. Like the bungalows of the 1950s, more condominiums will dot our town, making everyone yawn with boredom. Nevertheless, the historic Edwards House will forever live in the hearts of people who respect and admire history and architecture. It was a landmark in Downers Grove that never should have been torn down. The Edwards House lives on!

You don’t believe me?

Edwards House forever!

Edwards House forever!

Remember, people the world over are still fascinated by the Titanic, the American Civil War, and the pyramids. To the people of Downers Grove, the Edwards House has its own special place in our hearts and in history.


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Christians and Evolution

Howard Dean recently criticized Governor Scott Walker for not having a college degree. What was he really criticizing?

Governor Walker’s faith. He’s a Christian.

Howard Dean states that evolution is an accepted fact.


In 1859, Charles Darwin was severely criticized for his Theory of Evolution when he failed to present scientific evidence of transitional forms; meaning, where do we see a half-man, half-fish? Where do we find the missing link between man and apes?

Darwin said the geological record was imperfect. Well, one hundred and fifty-six years have passed, and we’re still waiting for proof of transitional forms.

Evolution is not only a political belief, but it’s a religious belief supported by humanists, secularists, and atheists. People on the left, who are supposed to be open-minded and tolerant, often criticize Christians for being narrow-minded and judgmental. BUT! I have girlfriends who are doctors, lawyers, and businesswomen. All are highly educated, successful, and intelligent, and they are devout Christians. This must shock Howard Dean.

So what if Governor Walker never finished college. Rush Limbaugh didn’t either, and he’s worth millions. Education is not always a sign of success since many educated people are unemployed or underemployed.

God uses the foolish people of the world to confound the wise.


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Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty

I never watched Duck Dynasty or listened to Phil Robertson, but I saw him on FOX last night and I was impressed. He made salient points I’d like to note and expand upon.

What do all these topics have in common? Robertson said…


  1. Communism: They tried to take over the world. They killed millions of people. No Jesus.
    1. Robertson is right. Stalin expanded the Russian Empire by invading other countries that didn’t want the Russians there. Stalin murdered more people than Hitler, but why does Hitler look worse?
    2. In Russia, the churches were padlocked and the priests disappeared overnight.
    3. Chairman Mao killed 70 million of his own people to remake China.
    4. Mao sent his opposition to reeducation camps, or he just killed them.
  2. Socialism: They tried to take over the world. They killed millions of people. No Jesus.
    1. Robertson is right again. Hitler exterminated 6 million people. He started by killing his own people, mainly the mentally ill and the handicapped. Between 36 to 55 million civilians were killed during World War Two.
    2. Hitler wanted to take over the world. The Nazis weren’t Christians. In fact, they hated Jesus because he was a Jew, and they considered Christianity too soft. The Nazis had their own cult religion they practiced in secret.
  3. Radical Islam: They tried to take over the world. They killed millions of people. No Jesus.
    1. Robertson is right again. The Muslims invaded Europe during the Middle Ages and were stopped by the French King Charles Martel. Later, Muslims were kicked out of Spain by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.
    2. Now Radical Islam is trying to spread their religion again. Either you convert or you perish by the sword. Nothing has changed.
  4. Politically Correct People in Washington and Hollywood are the ruling class now. They killed 55 million of their own people. Can you guess how? Of course, no Jesus.
    1. Robertson is right again. Liberal Theology removes all the miracles, signs, and wonders from the Bible, as well as all the “controversial” sayings of Christ. In short, they have reduced Jesus to a philosopher or to a good teacher. (Read the Jefferson Bible.)
    2. Abortion is a sacred cow.
    3. Not only do they defend radical Islam, but they blame the West for their killing sprees. Unfortunately, this hatred has gone on for centuries.



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My First Encounter with Fidel Castro

I was watching a history documentary one day on PBS. It was about the Cuban Revolution. Castro had just taken over. He had his enemies lined up against a wall and shot.

Now why does this stand out in my mind?

Castro had the executions filmed so he could watch them over and over. This reminds me of another dictator.

His name was Adolph Hitler. Men who tried to assassinate Hitler were impaled on meat hooks and allowed to die slow, excruciating deaths. Their executions were filmed, so Hitler could play them over and over and get some kind of grim satisfaction.

Hitler got his training from Mussolini, whom he greatly admired. Mussolini controlled Big Business and told them what to do. He already had the press in his pocket. If you disagreed with Mussolini, he sent his black shirts after you. They would break in your house in the middle of the night and stab you to death. Hitler liked this idea so much, he sent his brown shirts to destroy his enemies.

When Hitler’s enemies started to grow, he sent them to concentration camps. The first concentration camps housed political dissidents, not Jews. Hitler was a socialist. He hated Communists because they were the biggest threat to his Socialist party.

Mao by Andy Warhol, courtesy of the Chicago Art Institute

Mao by Andy Warhol, courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago

I recently had dinner with my friend Gloria, who made a profound statement. She said, “Stalin must have had a great PR man. He murdered more people than Hitler, and Hitler comes off looking worse.” To this I replied, “What about Mao Zedong? He murdered 70 million of his own people.” If you didn’t agree with Mao, you were either killed or sent to a reeducation camp, so you could learn to be a proper Communist. Your instructor?… Hard labor.

China does most of our manufacturing, and we need those manufacturing jobs back. The Chinese aren’t our friends. They do cyberattacks against us, and they steal our technology. There are no freedoms for their people; freedoms that some Americans take for granted.

Both Socialists and Communists have murdered more people than any other form of government. Why? They hold all the power.

Now America is ready to embrace Fidel Castro. I’ll agree with Castro on one matter. Years ago he said America was more socialist than Cuba was. He’s right, and it’s getting worse.

America needs to wake up.


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