TIME WEBTombstone, Arizona, 1881. A small band of missionaries sell all their possessions to help the Mission Indians of California, only to have their mission money stolen along with their newest convert.

Follow Jill McKendrick as she travels through the West at the side of Rafe Kennedy, a bitter man wanted for attempted murder and armed robbery.

Far from innocent herself, Jill vows to get the mission money back no matter what the cost, but Jill’s weapons aren’t guns and knives. Her newfound faith begins to wear on Kennedy until he abandons her in a town where men outnumber women twenty to one. It’s a tale about the Old West tied up with the story of a tragic schoolteacher.

Will Jill compromise her beliefs in order to survive?

Find out what happens in this contest of wills.


CreateSpace | Softcover | $ 7.23 USA | eBook | $2.99 USA | ISBN  9781499708554





606 people requested this in a Goodreads Giveaway.

4 Stars on Barnes & Noble – “For Such A Time As This is a wonderful mix of romance, history, and Everyman characters that everyone can relate to. This is a quick read, and you will be caught up in the lives of Jill McKendrick, Rafe Kennedy, and others as their hopes, dreams, and destinies crisscross over time and place. Ms. Klima’s first novel is a relaxing, rewarding read.”

“Interesting – “Great read. Hope there is a sequel about some of the minor characters.”

“Western-Christian Writing of Lydia Klima – “The architecture of western vocabulary and figurative picture-painting created by the Western-Christian writing of Lydia Klima portrays an unique feeling of the old Western days. Bringing in the Christian thread results in an interesting and satisfying reading experience, underscoring and revitalizing Christian beliefs.”

“Captivating – “It was so interesting, I spent the whole weekend reading it. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.”

“Good for a first-time author – “A very enjoyable storyline. Can’t wait to see the next historical romance by Ms. Klima.”

4.4 Stars on Goodreads

4.5 Stars on Amazon – “Enjoyable Read. This book was quite different than I expected. It took a few pages before I was able to get into it, but all in all, I enjoyed it.”



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