Lovely Dovile GibsonAlbuquerque, New Mexico Territory, 1890…..Lovely, seventeen-year-old Kathleen McDade and her missionary family arrive from Peking, China to pastor a new church. Kathleen captivates her father’s congregation by singing and writing Gospel music.

Stunningly beautiful Dovile Gibson also attends Kathleen’s church. Rumors fly about Dovile. Some say she killed her lover and left him to die in the Mojave Desert. Others say she’s an outstanding churchwoman who helps all in need.

Alonzo Brightman, rancher and businessman, threatens Kathleen and Dovile’s friendship. From mayor of Albuquerque, to territorial governor, Alonzo runs for President of the United States in the 1908 election, but Kathleen holds a secret over him that can destroy him. Now Kathleen must choose between her music career and her friendship to Dovile, already rumored to be too close, but they have an unbreakable bond because they share a similar past.


CreateSpace | Softcover | $ 10.45 USA | eBook | $2.99 USA | ISBN 9781499519846




1,073 people requested this in a Goodreads Giveaway.

4.5 Stars on Amazon – “Murder, Rape, Theft, Kidnap, Blackmail, Domestic Violence, Beautiful Women, and Religion –  A great storyline and a smooth writing style. Characters are a complex mix, sometimes allowing the reader to get a little confused as to who did what to whom – and just when it might have been done. Not a book to breeze through without concentration.”

“Excellent Read! – This is the most interesting and intriguing novel. I would definitely recommend!!! It’s not what I expected. Read it now!!”

5 Stars on Goodreads


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