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Pompeii, Italy, AD 61. A Roman noblewoman gives up her hedonistic lifestyle to shelter street children in Ancient Rome.

Meet Lady Alexandra Marcius as her new faith is tested by divorce, the sudden death of her parents, and a failed attempt on her life. A woman of regrets, “Lady Zan” shelters homeless boys and girls from the horror of the streets at a time when Roman emperors engaged in child prostitution. As Lady Zan’s new faith spreads throughout the empire, a paranoid emperor takes drastic measures to stop this new form of Judaism.

Will Lady Zan abandon her faith in order to survive?

Find out what happens during one of history’s most terrible persecutions.

CreateSpace | Softcover | $8.05 USA | eBook | $2.99 USA | ISBN 9781499708592



1,233 people requested this in a Goodreads Giveaway.

4.12 stars on Goodreads – “This book kept me interested from the start to the end; it opened my eyes to things that were happening at that period. It is interesting to see how one small change in how someone sees life can truly make a big difference in many peoples lives, even to the point of renouncing oneself their nobility. Bravo a good  read.” 


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