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Prairie Grove, Illinois, October, 1906….A story of dark secrets. A hidden past.

A lovely teenage girl lives in a French Châteauesque mansion with a tyrannical father who doesn’t notice her until her mother dies.

Meet Julianna DeSantis, a young woman forced to grow up quickly because of her father’s advances. Julianna flees her Midwestern village to escape her tortured past, but returns years later as the beautiful village librarian everyone’s talking about.

So who is this mysterious beauty? Why does she put up walls? And why is she single? These are questions villagers ask, but Julianna has a secret that could make her an outcast, and villagers must never know what happened in the dark turreted mansion.

Follow Julianna as she develops from girl to woman, trying to make sense of the world. Root for her. Cheer her on as she strives to lead a full, happy life.

This poignant story will lift you up.

Will you follow Julianna on her journey?

CreateSpace  | Softcover | $10.40 USA |  eBook | $2.99 USA | ISBN 9781500349387




1,173 people requested this in a Goodreads Giveaway.

4.8 Stars on Goodreads

4.5 Stars on Barnes & Noble – Julianna’s Secret – “Amazing. Could not put it down!”

“JULIANNA’S SECRET is a story about childhood abuse and how the effects carry into adulthood. There is redemption and forgiveness. This is a book worth reading for those dealing with these issues.”

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