The Bloody Roman Games: How They Relate To Us Today

There’s a distinction between the Greek games and the Roman games. The Greek games are still with us.They’re called the Painted WEBOlympics. The Romans poked fun at the Greek games. Athletics was considered exhibitionism. Poetry was also recited, and mocked by the Romans. The Roman games featured gladiator fights and sea battles. Yes, the Coliseum was flooded for mock ship battles.

Not all gladiator fights resulted in death. Most did not. If a gladiator survived for 3 years, he was freed. Of course, gladiators were popular with the ladies. Romans loved blood and gore. A riot broke out in the amphitheater in Pompeii. After numerous people were killed, the Roman Senate shut down the games for 10 years.

Today, America has WWE, one of the top-rated shows in our country. We know the violence is phony, but the crowd loves it. The wrestlers are modern-day gladiators: giant muscles, great physiques. The women wrestlers tear out each other’s hair and body slam each other. In my day, we had the Roller Derby. They were pretty tough broads. The Amazon-looking women always picked on the gorgeous women. We knew it was phony and loved it.

We also have violent movies. Cars blow up. People blow up. There is blood and gore. I recently watched a movie about Lizzie Borden. The movie had so much violence, it distracted me from the storyline. Anything that doesn’t add to the story or contribute to character must be cut. Either the director didn’t know what he was doing, or he had a penchant for violence. I covered my face during certain scenes. I rated the movie one star.

Then there is Ferguson, Missouri. This is the second George Zimmerman case. With George, the Media tried to make it a white-against-black crime, but the Media got it wrong. Old George was Hispanic. The Media didn’t care. They wanted ratings. Big ratings make them a lot of money to run their shows. The bigger the ratings, the more money they charge for air time. Years ago, a sixty-second commercial on All My Children cost $25,000. If the Media didn’t follow so-called “civil rights” leaders, there would be no story. After all, thousands of murders take place each day, but the Media focuses on certain stories to play them up for ratings. After Ferguson, there will be a second Ferguson, and a third Ferguson. Mark my words.

Throughout history, violence gets big ratings. If the Media can incite more violence by the way they cover stories, they will. Watch for inflammatory words like “unarmed teenager, another Emmett Till.” On the other side, “He looked like a demon.” Words have power: the power of life and death. You can tell a man by his words. Do political leaders and religious leaders use words that promote peace and unity? Or do they incite death and destruction?

Years ago, a TWA flight was hijacked by terrorists. A passenger was killed before other passengers. A terrorist wanted to kill another passenger, but a brave flight attendant interceded for him and saved his life with “calming words.” In so doing, she put her own life at risk, but she didn’t care. She was a hero. Thank God for people like her.

Where are the American leaders that promote peace and unity? After all, we’re not living in Roman times. Or are we?

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