About Blood, Innocence and Glory

Civil War Roundtables. Civil War Reenactments. Civil War books and Civil War movies. The American Civil War is immensely popular. Sadly, it was America’s bloodiest war. Three-hundred thousand men died in battle or from wounds, and 300,000 died from disease and accidents. Gone With The Wind ranks among the most popular movies of all time. It came out during the Great Depression when Americans struggled to make a living and hold their families together. Scarlet O’Hara, love her or hate her, vowed never to be hungry again. Later, John Jakes’ Civil War Trilogy glamorized the South: the antebellum homes, the hooped shirts, slavery, dueling, even military uniforms. We sat back in awe, watching the series, but the American Civil War was anything but glamorous. It divided our nation and had Americans killing each other.

Blood, Innocence and Glory is based on true Civil Wars stories of famous people and ordinary people that are knit together in a wonderful novel. Here are some examples:

  • Caroline Spencer, inspired by the heroic abolitionist Elijah Lovejoy, who gave his life for opposing slavery.
  • Lucinda Rutherford, the beautiful slave in St. Louis who shocked people because she had gold hair and blue eyes, and one hell of a figure.
  • David Webb, a soldier paralyzed from the neck, who developed amnesia after a blast on cannon threw him.

It was fun putting these stories together and a lot of hard work. My research took years, and finally, my book is done and presented to you. It comes this October.


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