Ai Weiwei

Image result for Ai WeiweiAi Weiwei once dropped a Ming vase for artistic purposes. The photographs above record this.

His Sunflower Seeds Exhibition is a room full of ceramic sunflower seeds that are so authentic, people are afraid to walk on them. Chairman Mao was the sun while the Chinese people were the sunflowers, who supported the revolution.

Since the revolution, everything is checked by the government to make sure it’s politically correct. Unfortunately, Mao made young people turn against their families, the police and their teachers. It’s estimated that 70 million people were murdered under his regime.

Image result for Ai WeiweiAi says the West tolerates China, but that won’t help them become a modern society.  Ai’s name is blocked in China. His phone is monitored, and his blog is censored. Social media is also blocked because the free exchange of ideas threatens the Chinese dictatorship.

The Chinese government beat Ai, imprisoned him and bulldozed his art studio; and yet, Ai says he still trusts people. Ai created an installation that replicates the Chinese interrogation rooms. He said he didn’t get a lawyer after they arrested him, and they threatened to lock him away forever.

His crime? Creating artwork and blogging.

In spite of this, Ai Weiwei encourages young people to get involved with social media because of its power. He says one individual can make a difference.

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