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“Ever since I read my first historical book in the fourth grade, I dreamed about visiting historical sites like Pompeii and Herculaneum. Now I write about them.” 

—   Lydia Anne Klima, author and blogger



#9 for WEB for KD

Prairie Grove, Illinois, October, 1906….A story of dark secrets. A hidden past.

A lovely teenage girl lives in a French Châteauesque mansion with a tyrannical father who doesn’t notice her until her mother dies.

Meet Julianna DeSantis, a young woman forced to grow up quickly because of her father’s advances. Julianna flees her Midwestern village to escape her tortured past, but returns years later as the beautiful village librarian everyone’s talking about.

So who is this mysterious beauty? Why does she put up walls? And why is she single? These are questions villagers ask, but Julianna has a secret that could make her an outcast, and villagers must never know what happened in the dark turreted mansion.

Follow Julianna as she develops from girl to woman, trying to make sense of the world. Root for her. Cheer her on as she strives to lead a full, happy life.

This poignant story will lift you up.

Will you follow Julianna on her journey?


CreateSpace  | Softcover | $10.40 USA |  eBook | $2.99 USA | ISBN 9781500349387



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4.8 Stars on Goodreads

4.5 Stars on Barnes & Noble – Julianna’s Secret – “Amazing. Could not put it down!”

“JULIANNA’S SECRET is a story about childhood abuse and how the effects carry into adulthood. There is redemption and forgiveness. This is a book worth reading for those dealing with these issues.”

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Painted WEB

Pompeii, Italy, AD 61. A Roman noblewoman gives up her hedonistic lifestyle to shelter street children in Ancient Rome.

Meet Lady Alexandra Marcius as her new faith is tested by divorce, the sudden death of her parents, and a failed attempt on her life. A woman of regrets, “Lady Zan” shelters homeless boys and girls from the horror of the streets at a time when Roman emperors engaged in child prostitution. As Lady Zan’s new faith spreads throughout the empire, a paranoid emperor takes drastic measures to stop this new form of Judaism.

Will Lady Zan abandon her faith in order to survive?

Find out what happens during one of history’s most terrible persecutions.




CreateSpace | Softcover | $8.05 USA | eBook | $2.99 USA | ISBN 9781499708592



1,233 people requested this in a Goodreads Giveaway.

4.12 stars on Goodreads – “This book kept me interested from the start to the end; it opened my eyes to things that were happening at that period. It is interesting to see how one small change in how someone sees life can truly make a big difference in many peoples lives, even to the point of renouncing oneself their nobility. Bravo a good  read.” 

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Tombstone, Arizona, 1881. A small band of missionaries sell all their possessions to help the Mission Indians of California, only to have their mission money stolen along with their newest convert.

Follow Jill McKendrick as she travels through the West at the side of Rafe Kennedy, a bitter man wanted for attempted murder and armed robbery.

Far from innocent herself, Jill vows to get the mission money back no matter what the cost, but Jill’s weapons aren’t guns and knives. Her newfound faith begins to wear on Kennedy until he abandons her in a town where men outnumber women twenty to one. It’s a tale about the Old West tied up with the story of a tragic schoolteacher.

Will Jill compromise her beliefs in order to survive?

Find out what happens in this contest of wills.



CreateSpace | Softcover | $ 7.23 USA | eBook | $2.99 USA | ISBN  9781499708554




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4 Stars on Barnes & Noble – “For Such A Time As This is a wonderful mix of romance, history, and Everyman characters that everyone can relate to. This is a quick read, and you will be caught up in the lives of Jill McKendrick, Rafe Kennedy, and others as their hopes, dreams, and destinies crisscross over time and place. Ms. Klima’s first novel is a relaxing, rewarding read.”

“Interesting – “Great read. Hope there is a sequel about some of the minor characters.”

“Western-Christian Writing of Lydia Klima – “The architecture of western vocabulary and figurative picture-painting created by the Western-Christian writing of Lydia Klima portrays an unique feeling of the old Western days. Bringing in the Christian thread results in an interesting and satisfying reading experience, underscoring and revitalizing Christian beliefs.”

“Captivating – “It was so interesting, I spent the whole weekend reading it. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.”

“Good for a first-time author – “A very enjoyable storyline. Can’t wait to see the next historical romance by Ms. Klima.”

4.4 Stars on Goodreads

4.5 Stars on Amazon – “Enjoyable Read. This book was quite different than I expected. It took a few pages before I was able to get into it, but all in all, I enjoyed it.”


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St. Louis, Missouri, 1859…..The Delancys are one of the oldest, wealthiest Creole families in St. Louis and also one of the largest slaveholding families in the state. As America’s threatened by civil war, the Delancys try to hold on to their southern way of life, but see it threatened by northern abolitionists and warmongers.

A man of honor and passion, thirty-year-old Robert Delancy, is a planter, physician and surgeon, who has killed three men in duels and doesn’t hesitate to leave his bride to fight for the Confederacy, but when Robert ends up at a prisoner-of-war camp in Chicago, the sadistic commanding officer tries to break him with systematic torture.

Robert’s younger brother Damon is an idealistic newspaper publisher, who defies his southern family by fighting for the Union Army.

Caroline Spencer is the beautiful woman who comes between them. A Yankee abolitionist, raped by a slave trader, Caroline vows to end slavery with her pen.

From antebellum St. Louis to Chicago in the 1880s, Blood, Innocence and Glory will take you through the lost dreams and sacrifices of the Delancy family, whose secrets are accidentally revealed to eighteen-year-old Danette Delancy in a haunted southern Illinois mansion. It’s a novel you won’t forget.

CreateSpace | Softcover | $13.15 USA | eBook | $3.99 USA | ISBN 9781500349370



1,039 people requested this in a Goodreads Giveaway.

5 Stars on Amazon

3.6 Stars on Goodreads

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Lovely Dovile Gibson

Albuquerque, New Mexico Territory, 1890…..Lovely, seventeen-year-old Kathleen McDade and her missionary family arrive from Peking, China to pastor a new church. Kathleen captivates her father’s congregation by singing and writing Gospel music.

Stunningly beautiful Dovile Gibson also attends Kathleen’s church. Rumors fly about Dovile. Some say she killed her lover and left him to die in the Mojave Desert. Others say she’s an outstanding churchwoman who helps all in need.

Alonzo Brightman, rancher and businessman, threatens Kathleen and Dovile’s friendship. From mayor of Albuquerque, to territorial governor, Alonzo runs for President of the United States in the 1908 election, but Kathleen holds a secret over him that can destroy him. Now Kathleen must choose between her music career and her friendship to Dovile, already rumored to be too close, but they have an unbreakable bond because they share a similar past.


CreateSpace | Softcover | $ 10.45 USA | eBook | $2.99 USA | ISBN 9781499519846




1,073 people requested this in a Goodreads Giveaway.

4.5 Stars on Amazon – “Murder, Rape, Theft, Kidnap, Blackmail, Domestic Violence, Beautiful Women, and Religion –  A great storyline and a smooth writing style. Characters are a complex mix, sometimes allowing the reader to get a little confused as to who did what to whom – and just when it might have been done. Not a book to breeze through without concentration.”

“Excellent Read! – This is the most interesting and intriguing novel. I would definitely recommend!!! It’s not what I expected. Read it now!!”

5 Stars on Goodreads

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